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Employee Handbook And HR Self-Assessment


HR Self-Assessment.

Our HR Self-Assessment covers the entire life cycle of an employee, including recruiting, on-boarding, benefits, payroll, safety, workers comp, leaves, performance management, termination, and more.

Let us protect your business with a proper Employee Handbook.

Although often overlooked as a formality, Employee Handbooks are critical for mitigating business risk and articulating company expectations and policies.

For legal compliance and for smart HR practices that enable growth, our Employee Handbook services deliver multiple benefits. From protection against employee disputes to legal compliance, establishment of performance expectations, and clear communication of company guidelines, our Employee Handbook can help you control potential HR risk.

Avoid Costly Penalties with a Proper HR Self-Assessment.

Companies often audit their financial procedures and controls, but don’t pay enough attention to reviewing the HR function. Conducting a mock audit of your HR processes and procedures, however, is one of the best ways to prepare for the almost inevitable regulatory agency inquiry.

Because poor business practices can lead to expensive penalties and even litigation, assessing the HR function is an essential step towards identifying areas of risk as well as implementing HR best practices.

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