Does your business measure up to current compliance laws?

When it comes to compliance, do you worry that your business may not be meeting standards? Do you worry about lawsuits, unhappy employees, and keeping up with ever-changing employment legislation? These are valid concerns, as violations of the law are common, and consequences can be severe:

  • Employee lawsuits have risen 400% in 20 years
  • The average settlement is up from $130,000 to $310,845
  • If a lawsuit goes to trial, 67% of plaintiffs win in state suits

Source: Gorski & Tataryn, MG Assessments LLC

Find out if your business measures up to the current compliance laws, and if you are at risk of violating them.

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“Exalt Resources and their staff are awesome! Exalt kept us up to date on all COVID-19 laws affecting employers and they are very responsive when I had a question or an HR issue.”

Don Tripler
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Craig Tools Inc.

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