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Anti-harassment training isn’t just an essential part of employee training. It helps build a strong foundation for trust in the workplace, protects your valuable workers, and fosters a positive environment for every employee to enjoy. But it is also a requirement of California law for all businesses with five or more employees—including temporary or seasonal workers! Do you have a comprehensive, effective plan in place to provide this training, which must be repeated every two years? If not, look no further than our professional training experts.

Failure to provide proper anti-harassment training in sexual harassment prevention can lead to a toxic work environment, loss of reputation, and legal action.

I will definitely use Exalt again for our next training.

“I highly recommend Exalt Resources and Dana Smith as a trainer. She had a great way of keeping the group at ease while giving us all the latest information on the important parts of the harassment law. I think some of our managers and employees were anticipating that it was going to feel uncomfortable. But Dana put everyone’s fears to rest with her excellent presentation and demeanor. I will definitely use Exalt again for our next training.”

Mindy Borghi | Human Resources Manager
Los Angeles Capital


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